Jacob began scoring to picture at an early age. Armed with a home video camera and a toy keyboard, he created his own movies in grade school. Composing music has been a part of every stage of his life and scoring for picture is the culmination of his life­long experiences in successful rock bands, conducting orchestras, and touring the world as a musician.


Although Jacob’s main instruments are cello, guitar, and saxophone, he has also performed and recorded violin, viola, mandolin, piano/keys, bass guitar, banjo, drums/percussion. His background as a member of the Phoenix Boys’ Choir has also been key to his early musical development.


Starting his musical career off as an orchestra teacher, Jacob devoted nine years to developing the skills of young musicians. After seeing the dreams of many of his students come to fruition through music, it was time for him to trade the stability of his career in teaching for a chance at success pursuing his own dream in scoring for picture.


In May 2014, Jacob conducted and recorded at Air Studios (Lyndhurst) in London with members of the London Symphony Orchestra. Since graduating from the Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games Master’s Program at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, Jacob is has been applying his education and collaborative experiences in Los Angeles.